The following sound and field recordings were captured through a series of microphones installed at La Becque over the time period of 2 months, including hydrophones, soil and contact microphones, geophones, infra- and ultrasound microphones.

All sound material was fed into a sound software, where it was interacting with climate fluctuations, measured from plant, tree and weather sensors installed on-site. While the data stream informed specific musical aspects and manipulations of the sounds heard, a sonic back-and-forth with the ecosystem started to take place in real time.

Find below a collection of (bio-)acoustic and electromagnetic waves, allowing to listen in on the site and its environmental, micro or macro, and atmospheric activities.

Thunderstorm, recorded on June 30 2022, La Becque
Electromagnetic recording around the apartment in La Becque
Hydrophone recording in Lake Geneva
recording of bat calls
Spectogram of a field recordings during the blue hour at La Becque, around 5am local time. The white colored area at the bottom shows anthropophony and city noise, the patterns above show the acoustic niche occupied by bird calls
weather station
incoming weather data and climate fluctuations
A Dendrometer measuring the changes in the circumference of the tree trunk. The data was used to manipulate sound in real time and guiding the musical decision-making of what was heard in the live stream